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Magical moments of rest (even during the busiest of times)

Taking time off can leave you feeling a teensy bit guilty that you’re neglecting your work or goals - and there’s always that nagging doubt that squeezing in just one more hour of work could be the difference between a great result and a good result.


I totally understand that desire to push and get it all done. But it’s so important to prioritize rest over stress. More likely than not, it will actually improve your ability to achieve your goals.

Downtime gives your body the chance to repair and grow stronger so you can perform at your best. It allows your mind to focus, boosts motivation, and it reduces your chance of falling asleep at the desk too (speaking from experience here).


Magical moments of rest (even during the busiest of times)

1. Have a bath

Set up a warm bath, light your favorite candle and maybe add a bath bomb. Taking a bath and allowing the warm water to unwind your tense muscles is the perfect and one of my favorite ways to relax and unwind. It goes perfectly with a meditation or intention-setting session.

2. Create an end-of-day ritual or routine

Set a time that you officially cut off from the work and connect with yourself. I find real joy in reaching that moment where I can close the laptop, change into more comfortable clothes, and turn on the tunes.

This is my time to just be with me and enjoy my own company. Something I have recently been enjoying is lighting my Rest and Restore candle and listening to my vinyls. If you don’t have a record collection and player - check out our Rest and Restore playlist.

3. Have a mindful cup of tea

Make an end-of-day cup of tea as a reward for giving your best - celebrate what you have accomplished. Enjoy the calming sensation of warm tea as you sip. Drop your shoulders from your ears and take a deep breath. As you exhale, let out an audible sigh, letting go of the day and welcoming yourself to rest.

If you’re in the mood for some deeper reflection while you enjoy your tea, try out our shadow-work guide.


4. Meditation or intention setting

An end-of-day meditation is probably the best dose of mental relaxation medicine you can give yourself. Try out our Rest and Restore session here.

Connecting with your breath and giving your mind a chance to be still and silent is an opportunity to rest unlike any other. If you want a personalized meditation session, feel free to drop us an email.

5. Put down that phone

It is a scientific fact that spending time in front of a screen is not a good way to relax. Give yourself at least 30 minutes before bed to read, journal, or do something other than scrolling or bingeing series.


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