1. Self-love

By doing a self-love and compassion mediation, we are able to start cultivating a more harmonious relationship with the people that matter most to us, including with ourselves.


This Vybecraft meditation will help you reconnect with yourself and your body.


By listening to what your mind is trying to tell you, a deeper understanding of self develops, leading to an overall increase in feelings of compassion.

2. Focus

Sometimes when we are at work, our minds can get so muddy with all the tasks that we can't get anything done.


In this Vybecraft Guided meditation, we are taking time to step away from the work, to re-set and recenter our focus and create a new way to approach the work or tasks we have in front of us.


By doing this meditation, we can start to re-evaluate our relationship with work and what the working experience feels like.

3. Rest and Restore

Rest is more than just having a power nap. It's about listening to the body, calming the mind, and finding ways to recharge our battery so we can have a full experience.


With this guided meditation, we are taking the time to stop and recharge our battery so we can fully embrace the experience we want to live.